Welcome to Grace Baptist Church!

The Adult Ministry Team consist of a variety of church members which selects topics, formats, events, and learning environments so all that attend Grace Baptist Church will become devoted followers of Christ and take the next step in their spiritual lives. The team facilitates training opportunities, individuals discovering their giftedness, and the church family growing in their love and care for one another.

We call our adult ministry teaching curriculum, “Architect” which is a merging of purpose and function of all our adult discipleship teaching ministries designed for the intentional spiritual growth of all involved through the power of the Word and Holy Spirit.

“Architect” quarters will include one or more of the following class formats;

1)  Select – bible study electives that adults will eventually get to choose from two or more classes offered. It will feel like a college class with optional homework for those who desire to grow and become more competent in helping others.

2)  Connect – small groups of mixed ages, from college students to seniors. Each small group will study the Word with the goal of growing closer to the Lord and one another. 

3)  Reflect – medium size groups studying topics pertaining to age oriented needs. More interactive than a Select, Reflect will lend towards same age groups being together by choice.

4)  Direct – the eventual goal of the above 3 formats is to prepare adults to actually disciple others of all ages right in Sunday school! Direct would allow for one on one discipleship. Or it might include an equipped couple mentoring another new couple in our church, or possibly an adult lady mentoring a younger lady for an entire quarter.

5)  Collect – an adult class probably conducted during a summer quarter or for a short portion of a quarter where the entire adult Sunday school is taught bible truth all together for both practical and or specific purposes.


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